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FRV (funniest runescape videos)

To sign up to be a video send your Runescape account name and Youtube account name to Keatrm103frv@gmail.com  (official email address just not on the policy or contact us page)
The rules are:
Rule #1: no offensive language in your video
Rule #2: no advertising other clan/site
Rule #3: no breaking Runescape rules

 Keatrm103 Clan News

New Ranks

Hey guys.
Theres a BIG change in the ranks today.
We are now going to have a "Head Cmod" head cmod's have gold stars.
Normal cmods have silver stars but still can kick and are just as incharge as the head cmod.
This is just for safety to our clan. This is permanent and will not change unless I decide otherwise.
I am proud to announce the head cmod........... Dylan Andis (also known as: dylan35031)
Remember this is permanent! CMODS DO NOT EMAIL YOUR COMPLAINTS.
Elections for new Head Cmod will be held a week from now. Today is Saturday 10-17-09


We need help for this site!!! If you want to apply send your application to Keatrm103@gmail.com
We need several people so dont be afraid to apply!!! (when you email include your Runescape username)
We have openings for: Picture finders, writers, we now need a Website Moderator, and we need a  support agent.
If underlined that means job is filled

P.S. we will pay you in Runescape gold!!!
:) We appreciate this clan and for all the help you've given us!

Disclaimer: this is not a "real" job this is just a job you wish to help out with to make Runescape gold for there will be no contracts. Your phone number, address, Runescape password, or any personal information will not be needed!
Remember this is not a "real" job you just want to make Runescape gold and help out a fellow clan member.
P.S. If you work with the site you will have a brown star by your name.

Funniest Costume!

This weeks funniest costume goes to............................................. Woooogle! aka sheeeeeeep boy!

YouTube Competition

It's time for 100 views!!
Help us get 100 views on any video! Post my videos on your Channel, website, myspace... etc.
Everone who paste on there Channel...etc. will be entered into a drawing for a CMod!!!
Don't miss this chance to become a CMod!
If you put our videos on your Channel....etc. email us your website name, youtube acc name.....etc.


My Interview With Skythekid and Jagger Grave

Coming soon! I got an interview with Skythekid


There is a new feature to this site!!! Advertising!
For only paying Runescape gold you can get more traffic!!
Send us what you want to advertise and we will email you back for further instruction!
Different rates might apply.



Please read this,

There is a list of our accounts on the policy page so you dont get scammed by a fake emails or any other accounts we have.
P.S. we never ask for you Runescape password!! If an email from us supposebly asks for your Runescape password go to the policy page and you will find a way to report it!
This is for you and your accounts safety please make sure and don't sweat it to report!




Have fan mail??? Send it to Keatrm103fans@gmail.com
You can also send comments!
I listen to my fans and chances are I'll message back!

For info scroll up