Our Policy Please Read

As you migh of noticed we ask for your username alot read the policy below:

Our Safety Policy:

We will not share any Runescape account information you emailed and/or private messaged to me.
This is a strict policy for we want to keep you and your Runescape account safe.

If you get banned for breaking a rule you cannot hold us accountable for we do not ask for any other
account information other then you username and we do not have access to your account,
we are not responsible for anything that may occur after you send us your username to any of the emails
I, Keatrm103 owns.
P.S. a list of all of my emails, youtube accounts, website, and twitter acounts are below so you dont use a scam email!
(Emails in red are new emails)
Emails: keatrm103@Gmail.comKeatrm103cmod@gmail.com, keatrm103fans@gmail.comkeatrm103support@gmail.com, keatrm103advertising@gmail.comTwitter: Keatrm103
YouTube channels/accounts: keatrm103 and Heyutubesup
Websites: keatrm103.webs.com, keatrm103.yolasite.com, keatrm103.weebly.com

If you send any account information to a different email/twitter/youtube/websites we cannot be held reponsible
to any damage done to your account.
We will not ask for your password EVER!
If you are ever asked your password report the email address/website/twitter/youtube email your report to keatrm103@gmail.com for you, your account, and all of our clan members safety.

Disclaimer: I am not a part of Jagex this website is just for the players of Runescape a Jagex Game. This is for entertainment and clan notification use only.